Ethernal For Teams

If you are a team sharing an internal chain, Ethernal will help you collaborating more efficiently by adding an UI on top it.

With a block explorer, it will be easier to share transaction data internally, non technical team members will be able to interact with your contracts just by connecting their Metamask.

Quick & Easy Setup

Set up your explorers on your own domain for easy access by your team members, beta testers, etc...

If you are using Hardhat, install & include our plugin in your config, and all your blocks will start synchronizing automatically.

Synchronize contract metadata right from your Hardhat deploy scripts. Then anyone in your team can interact with the contracts.

Visualize Your Remote Blockchain

Synchronized transactions are processed and displayed in the UI with all relevant data.

Function calls & events are decoded and formatted accordingly (shortcut to addresses, contract names are displayed, etc...)

ERC-20 & ERC-721 token transfers are detected automatically. Amounts are automatically formatted using contract symbol() and decimals() methods.

Interact With Your Contracts

Ethernal automatically generate an interface for you to easily interact with all read & writes methods.

Anyone can interact with contracts using their Metamask account. If you have pre-loaded accounts, it is also possible to use them.

Responses are parsed & formatted according to their type: images will be displayed, links made clickable, ipfs data fetched, etc...

Get In Touch To Set Up Your Explorer

If you choose to send us a RPC endpoint, we'll be able to set you up with a custom demo explorer connected to it.

Ethernal is an open source block explorer for EVM-based chains.
🍷 Made In France

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