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Etherscan for your blockchain

Ethernal is an open source block explorer for EVM-based chains.

See blocks and transactions. Interact with your contracts. Decode functions, events, and variables data.

Enter a RPC url to generate your free demo explorer


Automated Sync

You just need a RPC url to get started. All blocks, transactions and contracts are automatically synced.
The explorer then displays them all in simple UI along with relevant data such as function calls or emitted events.

Contract Interaction

Using contracts metadata, Ethernal automatically generate an interface for you to easily interact with all your read & writes methods.

You can then use Metamask or preloaded addresses to call them from the UI.

Transaction Tracing

Transaction tracing displays internal calls to other contracts, as well as internal contract creations.
Contract calls are automatically decoded by looking up the addresses or matching the bytecode with your other contracts.


Ethernal provides you with all the analytics you need to get a comprehensive view of your chain: transactions & active wallets volume, token holders, token transfers, etc...

ERCs Detection

ERC 20/721/1155 are automatically detected and parsed. Symbols & decimals are then used to display human readable values.

ERC721 collections have their own galleries as well.

Metadata are parsed and and displayed properly (compatible with Opensea).

Users can even send their tokens directly from the UI.

Advanced White Labeling

Customize colors, fonts, logo to match your branding.
Add a banner and links to your other resources such as documentation, whitepaper, Discord, etc...
Display your native token symbol, let your users add the network to their Metamask.

Almost everything is customizable, you can even add your own fields on transaction pages.

API First

With our REST API, you can access processed transactions for an easier integration into your own tools.

All the info you need for user friendly display, such as token transfers, token symbols, decimals, formatted values, etc...,can be fetched from just one API call.

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