Etherscan for your private blockchain

Ethernal is a block explorer for private EVM-based chains.

See blocks and transactions. Interact with your contracts. Decode functions, events, and variables data.


Variables Decoder

Contract variables are automatically decoded for each block. As well as events and functions calls.

Contract Interaction

Ethernal automatically generate a form for you to easily interact with all your read & writes methods.

Automated Sync

Everything is automated! Blocks, transactions & contracts are seamlessly synced each time it's needed.

Connect Anywhere

You can connect Ethernal to any Ethereum blockchain, whether you are running it locally or on a remote server.

Use Unlocked Accounts

Ethernal will pull available accounts on your chain. But you can also manually add & use any unlocked accounts. Useful if you're running a mainnet fork for example!


With workspaces, you can have separate dashboards for the different chains you are working with.

Ease of use

Integrates with the tools you are already using.

Our CLI connects to your blockchain, listen for blocks and transactions, and synchronize them with Ethernal.

Truffle Compatible

The CLI will detect a Truffle project and synchronize artifacts with Ethernal.

Hardhat Plugin

If you are using Hardhat, you can easily integrate artifacts data synchronization directly in your current workflow.

Alchemy API Integration

Automatically synchronize transactions going through your Alchemy app. Events emitted and function calls are decoded, as well as contract variables values, giving you a complete view of what is happening in your deployed contracts.
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Ethernal is a block explorer for private EVM-based chains.
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