Ethernal For Github Actions

Github Actions is a CI platform letting you run your test suite automatically every time you push a change to your repository.

By adding the Ethernal Github Action , you can easily generate an unique block explorer for every run, allowing you to visualize all the changes that are happening on chain.

It can either connect to a Hardhat node running directly in the same workflow, or to a remote one.

Quick & Easy Setup

You only need to add one extra step in your Github Action workflow with your API token. Your explorer URL will then be available in the output.

You'll get an explorer accessible through a unique URL, that you can share with your team, allowing you to easily visualize your test run.

Visualize Your Test Runs

Synchronized transactions are processed and displayed in the UI with all relevant data.

Function calls & events are decoded and formatted accordingly (shortcut to addresses, contract names are displayed, etc...)

ERC-20 & ERC-721 token transfers are detected automatically. Amounts are automatically formatted using contract symbol() and decimals() methods.

Advanced Features

If your node is a mainnet fork, mainnet ABIs & contract names will automatically be imported and use to decode data.

Transaction tracing displays internal calls to other contracts, as well as internal contract creations.

Calls are automatically decoded by matching the bytecode with your other contracts or by looking up metadata on Etherscan (or equivalent).

Contract variables are automatically decoded for each block.

You can easily inspect the value of each integer, mapping, struct, etc...declared in your contracts, even private variables.

Get In Touch To Set Up Your CI Explorer

Send us a message if you'd like to set up Ethernal for your CI system (Github Actions or other).

Ethernal is an open source block explorer for EVM-based chains.
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