Etherscan for your blockchain

Ethernal is an open source block explorer for public & private EVM-based chains.

See blocks and transactions. Interact with your contracts. Decode functions, events, and variables data.


Connects To Any Chain

Ethernal is an explorer that works with any EVM-based chains, so you can connect it to your local Hardhat or Ganache node, it supports Ethereum, Matic, BSC, Avalanche among all others...
And if your chain is running remotely, you'll be able to connect to it as well!

Automated Sync

All blocks, transactions and contracts are automatically synced with Ethernal.
The explorer then displays them all in simple UI along with relevant data such as function calls or emitted events.

Contract Interaction

Using contracts metadata, Ethernal automatically generate an interface for you to easily interact with all your read & writes methods.

Transaction Tracing

Transaction tracing displays internal calls to other contracts, as well as internal contract creations.
Contract calls are automatically decoded by matching the bytecode with your other contracts or by looking up the metadata on Etherscan.
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Variables Decoder

Contract variables are automatically decoded for each block.
You can easily inspect the value of each integer, mapping, struct, etc...declared in your contracts, even private variables.

Integrates with the tools you are already using.

Truffle & Brownie Compatible

The CLI will detect a Truffle or Brownie project and synchronize artifacts with Ethernal.

Hardhat Plugin

If you are using Hardhat, you can easily integrate artifacts data synchronization directly in your current workflow.

Open Source

The entire codebase for Ethernal is available on Github .
Contributions are welcomed :)

Ethernal's core is licensed under BSL 1.1. The Hardhat plugin and the CLI are licensed under the MIT license.

A hosted version is also available with a free plan (see pricing table below).




Per Month

Good for Solidity beginners, side projects and experimentations.

10 Contracts

1 Workspace



Per Month

Good for more advanced developers or more complex projects.

Unlimited Contracts

Unlimited Workspaces

Public Explorer

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Custom Pricing

Use Ethernal as a public explorer for your chain.

Display blocks, transactions, token transfers, etc...

Contracts interaction with Metamask

Contracts verification


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Custom Pricing

Good for larger teams, or with stricter data hosting requirements.

Custom Team Pricing (starting at 5 seats)

Custom On-Premise Deployment

Payment in Crypto

All plans also include:

  • Unlimited Accounts / Blocks / Transactions sync
  • Hardhat / Ganache / Brownie integration
  • Contract UI for read/write functions
  • Contract storage reading
  • Transaction tracing
  • API access

Ethernal is an open source block explorer for private EVM-based chains.
🍷 Made In France

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